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Write THIS Music know there are many writers outside Nashville who possess the talent to compete in today's market.  Many of those writers are our clients and we know how hard it is for an out of town writer to find the industry contacts, market info, tip sheets, and demo studios needed to make a mark in a song market that's more competitive than it's ever been before. 

   Do you need Demos?  Critiques?  Song Coaching?  Industry Info?  Nashville Number ChartsSong Pitching? 

                            If you can't move to Nashville, let us bring Nashville to you!
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"You are the $5.00 cold shower of reality! If we can get past you I think we'll get past most people."   Lawrence Greene, Edmonds, WA

"You're one of the good guys in this business...and at a time when this business needs all the good guys it can find."  Brett Beavers (songwriter and producer for Dierks Bentley), Nashville, TN

"I have great confidence in you and truly believe you are there to help me."  Bob Ryan, Montreal, Canada

Your feedback was well worth it! This is the kind of constructive feedback...I've been needing to take my lyric writing skills to the next level. Sterling, Palm Beach, FL

Thanks for all of your... constructive observations. You seem like a straight shooter who really has a handle on the music industry." Justin Herdman, Columbus, OH
Song Critiques: $10

Gtr/Voc Demos  $99
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