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Song Plugging
In this day and age it's crucial that you find a trustworthy Nashville song plugger that can deliver results.  Write THIS Music is widely regarded as one of the music industry's straight shooters and we've earned that reputation through the relationships we've established in the industry over the last 13 years as a Nashville song publisher.  Let us help you get your songs to the artists who are looking for great music.  

Songs we pitch have to be up to Nashville standards in both writing and demo quality.  If you send us a song that we think would be something we could pitch following a rewrite, we'll tell you that so you can consider rewriting it and resubmitting.  If we believe your demo isn't up to Nashville standards we'll inform you of that as well. 

We stand behind behind every song that we pitch.  It's our name on the package so all songs have to be of the utmost quality.  We have to believe that a song can compete on Music Row before we'll agree to pitch it. 

How do I get started?

Submit up to 3 songs (mp3) with lyrics that you'd like us to evaluate for plugging.   There is no charge for you to send us your songs for plugging consideration.  Email your songs to us by clicking:


How much does it cost?

Call 615-405-4108 or email us for details.

How many of my songs will you pitch under the agreement?

Our standard agreements are priced for 1-3 songs but any contract can be modified if and when agreed upon by both parties. Songs may be changed from month to month by the writer by written request 30 days in advance. .

How will I know which artists you are pitching to and when?

Some pluggers charge extra money to provide you with information about your pitches (i.e.. when and to whom songs are pitched). We meticulously document all our pitches and we will share that information with you on a monthly basis at no charge.

Details and Specifics

-When we pitch songs we call our specified contact person and we request permission to submit.  We do not drop off songs without first requesting permission to submit.

-We will attempt to schedule a sit down appointment but only if we believe it would be to our advantage to do so.  Not everyone grants sit down appointments to every song plugger and getting a sit down appointment doesn't always provide the plugger with an advantage.  With some producers it's better to drop off and let them listen on their own time.  With others it's better to be there when they listen.  Knowing when to do what is part of the strategy. 

-In cases where we are granted permission to submit, but we're asked to drop the song off, we hand deliver the song or songs to the person that granted us permission to submit.  Our name and contact info is provided for callback purposes.

-If we get a hold on one of your songs you will be contacted immediately.  Please specify a daytime number or cell number in addition to your home phone number. 

-We do not charge an additional royalty for songs that get cut.

"I've learned more in 3 months about songwriting, demos, pitching and everything else through rewrite consults with Write THIS Music than I have from all the books, seminars, NSAI stuff, song swaps, song camps, and classes I've paid for over the last 8 years >combined...and that's no exaggeration.  I just wish I'd found out about it sooner so I wouldn't have wasted all that money." Tony Marcase, Kansas City, MO

"I'm glad that you've been able to keep this thing going and [are having an] impact on a lot of people who really need honest answers and legitimate help." Andy Sperry, Nashville, TN